A Travelogue – Backpacking in Laos, Southeast Asia


Singapore and Hong Kong may be first world destinations however those places will be the equivalent of a summer spent with a cross-stitching-fanatic grandma. A trip to Laos, on the opposite side, is similar to a summer holiday fling – fresh, exotic and ultimately unforgettable. Crowned by globe-trotters because the queen of Asia, it’s a hip location on the brink of discovery. You may desire to get there fast before everybody finds out about it.

Laos, known as the Land of the Million Elephants, can be really a country apparently untouched by time and globalization. Yes, even there’s absolutely not any smoggy metropolis, aggressive entrepreneurialism

star bucks – nonetheless. The major allure of this former French colony is cultural and natural. That clearly was an abundance of picturesque rice areas, jagged coral mountains, that hide sprawling caves.

Strolling monks with glowing crimson attraction who serenely stroll on the pavement is all about to watch. You are able to even drop by a temple and hear them chant. Even the hill tribe men and women who still wear their early costumes and approximately five pounds worthiness of metal jewelery will provide you a visual feast. French influences communed with 3rd earth charms causes a progeny of quaint design and remarkable food items. The most regular Lao street food is actually a French baguette with tandori barbequed poultry, fresh tomato and pineapple topped with cream cheese. Consume a cup of the robust Lao coffee to wash the meal down ทัวร์ลาว.

Some state that Lao has been”certainly one of those past silent countries on the planet”. But like fans, over the summer rendezvous, you know that love wont continue forever. So hurry and fall-in love with this stunning country before it loses its blush.

CITIES to Go to

Inch. Luang Prabang
A UNESCO World Heritage web site and each and every photographer’s dream area. The town, at which time stands still, is framed by lush hills and amazing waterfalls. Celebrate the tranquil Mekong lake with a kayak excursion.

2. Vang Vieng
The celebration city with loads of backpackers from all possible corners of earth. Relax with a beer Lao while floating at a rubberized scooter throughout the Nam Song River.

3. Vientiane
The capital of Laos and the middle of arts and conventional herbal massages.

Sticky-rice, fish sauce and also a ginger-like ingredient named galangal are Laos’ staple meals. Attempt them

Tam Mak Houng – hot strawberry salad
Foe – noodle soup
Som moo – ubiquitous pork sausage sold everywhere

There are no direct flights out of Manila on Laos. Fly to Bangkok or Ho Chi Minh then catch a plane to Luang Prabang or Vientiane through Lao Air-line.

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