The Benefits of Using Poker Tracking Software For On Line Poker


The online line poker matches have changed drastically from the previous 4 years mainly due to the addition of poker tracking software that gathers all the hand histories played at your desk and also stores them on a database on your own hard drive. Not only that but also the software integrated a’Heads Up Display’ feature that takes the information that’s stored on your database, translates it into useful info and puts this information beside yours along with your competitors name onto the screen in real time.

Many men and women fear this will put an end to the tremendous win rates the excellent players could make at early days of online line poker, whereas some facts lies in this announcement, together with diminishing win speeds dominobet for its average to good players, the excellent to exceptional players can still glean a very healthy win rate.

And what exactly does this tell us? Ostensibly it tells us that some players using this particular poker monitoring applications do not use it to the maximum of these or the program’s skill. It will mean that big losing players will now become marginal losing players/breakeven players quicker as they are able to observe their results in front of their own eyes after a semester. They could compare their stats into the stats of a person who’s always winning and try to reproduce their style. Ostensibly it helps them finding their escapes quicker than they normally will.

Both major poker tracking software applications are Hold-em Manager and Poker Tracker. It’s no contest here, even though the poker tracker were the innovators, Hold-em Manager has surpassed them leaps and bounds. It has more features, first to present 3 stake % stats, countless of analytic statistics that will help analyse your own and your competitors play and a lot more.

So exactly what will be the main statistics that are used that allow you to identify which sort of player you’re up against?

VPIP% – Voluntarily Put $ In Pot%. Even the SB and BB postings are not voluntary unless they add more money e.g. SB calling or B-b calling or raising. This lets you know just how usually a few person is visiting flops. The typical winning player features a VPIP% of between 18-25%. If you see someone playing 80 percent of hands, immediately mark him down as a member of your own poker friends as he’ll hemorrhage money for you in no time!

V pr percent – Boost pre – flop Percentage. This lets you know how many hands he’s increasing when he completes a pot. The typical winning player has a VPRpercent of between 14-21%. If you visit someone using a pre – flop raising percentage of 1%, be careful because he’ll normally have a very strong hand. However when some one has a VPRpercent of 40%, you also are able to exploit this because you realize that he can not have the products all the time punish him by re-raising pre – flop.

Aggression Factor – This really is calculated (Bet + Boost ) / Phone, assessing or fold has no result. This is not a percentage but one variable and also the greater the factor the more competitive a competitor is, the higher the figure that the longer passive a person is. This is a vitally important statistic. For example, take a bad player with quite a high VPIPpercent but an extremely low aggression factor of say1.0. He will not fold any set to you so when you’re gambling your upper pair hands attempting to extract value , he pushes in on the turn. Since it is really out of character to him, this means just something he has a hand that beats your upper group holdings, which means you may easily fold here in the knowledge that you will get him the next time!

Aggression Frequency % – This can be characterized by (stakes + increases ) / (stakes + raises + calls + pips ). That is, that the whole number of times that the player bet or raised a bet, divided by the total number of all his potential activities. Aggression percentage might be such a thing from 0-100 and is dependant in an aggressive activity on each street. If I bet the turn and the lake but assess the flop I’d have 66 percent Aggression percent because I made out 2 of 3 aggressive actions. So when I assessed each street I would have an aggression frequency of 0 percent. This statistic is revealing how often a player will take an aggressive activity”when faced with almost any conclusion

Continuation bet% – Bet the flop following the Pre Flop Raiser Pre – flop. At the low bets it could be profitable to bet 100 percent of the time, however since you move up the levels you’ll need to be more selective against that you are still continuation bet as the much better regulars will reap the benefits and exploit one by bluff raising you.

Twist to continuation bet% – Just how often they bend the flop when up against a continuation bet. This stat could be particularly helpful as it could confuse players that will not fold to your point bet and so you’re throwing away money by doing so unless you understand he will fold to your double barrel (which ofcourse there’s a stat for this too!) .

Boost plateau wager%- How frequently they raise some body when up against a continuation bet on the flop. This statistic is ideal for knowing when to multitask wager and never to continuation bet certain flops. A competition with a high Raise continuation bet% will always punish you if you emphasise wager a Lot of

Assess raise% – Complete Check Boost percent. This stat might be utilised in conjunction with the prior stat and the two together acts as a fantastic indication of a competition who either likes to create plays or tell the alternative, a person who’s straight forward to play . An extremely helpful indicator.

3 Bet% – Large Blind is bet inch, lift is bet two and also the next bet can be just a 3-Bet. This commonly refers to pre- flop drama where matches are becoming more competitive and if you do not have a great handle on how to play with 3 wager baskets can result in some disastrous consequences. You ought to have a 3 bet% of between 5 and 10%. Generally you ought to loosen your 3 bet stove when set up and possess a tighter stove when 3betting from the dividers.

Fold to 3-Bet% – Just how often a player collapses to some 3-Bet. This is a really important statistic. There are a number of players who will folds to 3bet% 90%of the moment. It’s possible to 3bet them all day until they finally make a decision to re – adjust after which if they do that they wind up shoving over the shirt with AJ and also you snap telephone down with AK. However with opponents that just fold to 3bets about 50 percent of their time, it’s wiser to tighten the 3betting range against these and ensure when you do 3bet, you do this together with hands that’ll control their 3 Bet calling stove, hands like K Q +, TT+, A-J +.

Visited Showdown percent – Just how often someone would go to showdown. Again this can be a beneficial stat to work out if your opponent has a propensity to telephone 3 streets a lot of. For that reason you may value bet three streets with your hands that are marginal . On the flip side, if his went along to Showdown % is very low, this could be a very good competitor to bluff of a hand.

As you can observe from the aforementioned statistics on offer that tracking computer software is an extremely powerful tool and you will find literally hundreds of statistics that you could filter on/display to assist you on your game and allow you to make the best informed decisions in most times.

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