Tips to Play Free Bingo Using Beginner’s Luck

Ever tried to re-create the state of beginner’s luck? You know when you seem to win a new game for no reason, or try to do a task for the first time and it works perfectly? Next time is never so easy, because the beginner’s luck has deserted you. A group of people, well now more like a cult, have been playing free bingo using beginner’s luck. A couple from the cult have become so good at re-creating beginner’s luck that they have moved onto some of the best bingo sites and are now playing, and winning real money.
It casts my mind back to childhood, and trying something for the first time or winning something at a new game or sport, only to feel discouraged by some of the adults. You know those looks, the pats on the back and the ah yes, it’s just beginner’s luck. You can be sure they wouldn’t react like that if they were part of the cool cult playing free bingo and even winning money on the best bingo sites. One guy brought himself and his girlfriend to Paris on some wins last week pg slot เว็บตรง.
The very first thing you need to try to do if you want to re-create beginner’s luck is to rid yourself of this lifetime conditioning. Think a little about the psychology behind the phenomenon of beginners luck that society at large perceives, it is not very encouraging. The glass half full crowd talk more about someone being a natural if they are good at something the first time around. Take the free bingo example, you have nothing to lose because it is free and you can find it on all the best bingo sites. Convert yourself into realizing that beginner’s luck actually happens for a reason.
How is it created? Beginners luck is based on the fact that you have a relaxed focus on what you are doing which if far better than a pressured or stressed focus. Speculations say that beginner’s luck comes from a disconnection between the player and the pressure of the game or event. When you are a newcomer as you lack experience you do not have the additional stress of people expecting you to do well. If you are an experienced player, you may feel the pressure of those who have certain expectations of you. Comparing this state which you can try while playing free bingo to one of those days or nights when you don’t really care and you meet the person of your dreams, or at least a cute one.
The next thing to be aware of before embarking on free bingo on the best bingo sites is habitual reality tunnels. Very simply put these are like the worn, familiar country roads in your mind that without being aware of you travel down time and time again. Some people have lovely little country roads, easy to navigate, with beautiful fresh flowers all around and the sun is always shining. Others however have these rather cold, scary, dark, dangerous and bumpy country roads. In other words the habitual reality tunnel is the route that is automatically traveled in our minds in reaction to an event.
Create a sunny, positive habitual reality tunnel if you don’t have one. Spend time doing that before even trying out the free bingo. Visualize if you find that helpful. Catch yourself if you find yourself traveling down any other country road that may not be so pleasant.
When you feel comfortable with these feelings you are ready to try your first free bingo game using this approach. Sit down at the computer and just be relaxed, have fun and see what happens on the best bingo sites.

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