The Lowry Theatre Complex and Living in Salford Quays

When one considers Salford Quays, one of the first names that comes to mind is The Lowry, which is a theatre combined with a gallery complex. It is one of the landmarks of Salford Quays. When Salford Quays was in the initial stages of development, a potential need for an arts venue in the city was recognized, which became the milestone for The Lowry.

Initially, it was known as the Salford Quays Centre for Performing Arts. This was until 1988. Later on, in 1994, it came to be known as The Lowry Project. The Manchester Ship Canal surrounds The Lowry where it is located at the end of Pier 8.

In addition to the studio spaces, Lyric theatre and Quays theatre, there are also many bars, restaurants and cafes in The Lowry, which are located on the south eastern end. From this end, the Libeskind’s Imperial Was Museum North can be viewed over the water.

Considering that the building is called The Lowry, it has a unique collection of L.S Lowry’s work as well. The Lowry has a beautifully complex design. James Stirling and Michael Wilford designed the building. The Lyric theatre in The Lowry is coloured green while the Quays theatre is coloured purple. The Opera North is also in The Lowry.

Salford Quays is located in Salford, which is in Greater Manchester. This is the area that used to be the site . for the Salford docks. However, later on it became one of the major urban regeneration projects. Salford Quays is one of the new developments in the city of Salford. Other than The Lowry, Salford Quays also has the Media City UK, which is another landmark. BBC is also expected to move some of its departments to the Media City.

This will be the first time for BBC to be establishing so many of its departments in a city other than London. This will also attract other media and broadcasting companies to expand their offices. The Lowry and the Media Centre are expected to improve the living standards even more and there is also a great chance of more jobs being created with the opening of businesses in The Lowry.

Some of the most renowned brand names have their outlets in The Lowry Outlet Mall, hence making sure that the residents of Salford Quays can get the best of everything. Some of these names include M&S, Costa Coffee and Cadbury’s. Other than that there are also other food chains and convenience stores.

There are many residential areas in Salford Quays, which include high-rise as well as low-rise buildings to accommodate the density level of the residence. Some of the most popular of these buildings include the Imperial Point, The Sovereign Point, The Grain Wharf, Merchants Quay, Labrador Quay, City Lofts and The NV buildings. Salford is a very well developed area with all the facilities available. This is the reason for its huge success. The transportation system in the area is also well-planned and impressive and hence adds to the beauty and ease of the area.

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